After you send sexy pics to someone, back up your pictures by actually going round and fucking them

After you <a href=""></a> send sexy pics to someone, back up your pictures by actually going round and fucking them

DO: Remember to time your nudes as best you can. Is she gonna be busy at work? Is she at a family dinner with her grandparents? Maybe don’t send her a shot of your junk. Is she on her bed at home, and your chat is start to get hot? Then send her the hottest image she’s ever seen. Timing is important.

DON’T: Tease and never please. This a vital piece of information which will continue to be important for many years to come. Also, be sure not to tease too much, because this can ramp up expectations to the point they’re impossible to fulfil. Keep your messaging limited until you’ve proven that you can deliver the goods.

DON’T: Send long walls of text when you send pics. Let the image do the talking. Sometimes, you might be tempted to use a caption alongside your pics, or even a short sentence. That’s fine, just don’t send her an erotic short story. We naturally associate big chunks of text with boring shit like ToS agreements (‘all rights reserved, blah blah’). That’s the last thing you want when trying to make her horny.

The Unwritten Rule Of Sending Nudes

Finally, we need to address the elephant in the room. Ask any woman what it’s like to spend time on an adult dating site and she’ll certainly have a few complaints. But there’s one complaint which far outweights any other: unsolicited dick pics.

As a general rule, never, ever just send a picture of your junk to someone who hasn’t asked for it. These days, it’s considered borderline sexual assault (and in some states, you can be fined if you’re found to have sent unsolicited adult content to people). Make sure that the other person has said they want it before dick-piccing them.

When you first begin chatting to a person on a dating site or app, that’s the beginning of a potential relationship. Data shows that most people block users who send them explicit pics without their asking, so don’t be one of those guys. We know it can be tempting to send them a sexy snap for whatever reason; maybe you think it will jump-start the conversation to sex or get them so worked up that they’ll invite you over immediately. But the stats show that it’s not a good idea. Wait until you’ve got consent, then blow her mind with a epic shot of your package.

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